sábado, agosto 01, 2009


Vanitas is a transmediale staging where live text, body, pictures, music, theater, and media theory get combined with the performance of an actor and digital programmers of the scene.

The text and staging are a dystopia based on the eighties’ cyberpunk literature and film, and that makes reflections on the basis of texts of Jean Baudrillard ("The vital illusion") about the issue of biological and cultural cloning, exposing potencial physical and cultural mutations in the human species as the end of the masculine and the transformation of the subject into consumption object.

Our stage proposal presents the contemporary subject searching for references in a devoid-of-memory universe, in which the concept of paternity is confused with the myth of creation, and the concept of motherhood disappear in the maelstrom of a new visual culture of digital origin.

The context of the performance are the same electronic resources developed in the scene, because the performers interact live with the voice over the computers, sound machines and programms that interfere with the projected audiovisual. The real space of the staging is an empty space that during the performance gets saturated of virtual information.

Gabriel Urzua/Performer.
Bruno Salas /Musico Performer
Ernesto Parada/Musico Performer
Koke Velis/Programador Digital
Raul Miranda/Autor Director


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